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'The force of nurture goes deep. My father asking about the other 2 points, when I’d come home from school with a 98% test mark, I’m pretty sure shaped my life. It was the given - no big deal - that I was supposed to get 100%.  So here we are, in this up-against-it world, and I need to figure out what I can do to deserve that highest mark. It can’t be to handle any particular thing, where so much is wrong, but it would need to be about what gets *all* those things working right. 

Well, we could look to our story as the changemaker.  If we thought of ourselves as saints, and not as sinners, surely we’d be making Earth wonderful. And if humanity got into the positive story I’m on a soapbox for, I wouldn’t need to get any more high scores and could just let my artist come out again.

I am artsy. I had an acting career, a one-woman painting show, wrote a hardback book: The Anybody Can Make It, Everybody Will Love It Cookbook.  I made two documentary feature films about crop circles.  I generally think of life as art, so I surround myself with beauty and lean to doing everything in artful ways. After no longer being 'Mrs. Him,' in life #2 I became an enthusiastic New Ager and produced evocative and provocative events and projects where people had good times together. It’s been a relief, given how off-the-charts things were at my house in the wilder times, while we were discovering ourselves, that my children say they had happy childhoods!

I get more fearless with age, where I’m pushing to get my 100% from us being in 'a new creation story' while I can enjoy it. My invite is out for some serious fun getting humanity to shift from the self-service it’s indulging in now, to where altruism prevails. And it is a given that we take care of each other. 

Don’t forget, we’re making it all up so it might as well be wonderful.'

You can read Suzanne's 'force majeure' on civilization and consciousness at her website, SUESpeaks.

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