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I am twenty-two years of age and a final year student at the University of Ghana, reading marine and fisheries science.  I believe that every person, has a purpose and should strive to reach it because it is through finding our purpose that we can really attain happiness. I found my purpose in advocating for action on climate change.

As a second year student, I took a introductory course on climate change that sparked my interest in climate action. I was intrigued to find out just how much the climate is being affected by humans and more amused to discover how ignorant many were to this fact. For example, from studies since 1850 it has been shown that long term warming has been mainly as a consequence of the greenhouse effect and as a result in 2013 the IPCC stated that more than 50% of increase in global temperature was as a result of anthropogenic activities.

As a student I may not have networks yet, but I have the one power every one of us possesses, and that is my voice. I am using it to incite and hopefully inspire people on climate action like I was myself. In the near future, I hope to reach more people with physical modernized education on climate action and enforce justice for those trying to make profits, at the cost of destroying a safe home for us all.

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