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'My love for the earth began when I was young. I grew up as a military brat. I moved every 4 years or so, which provided the opportunity to see many different types of ecosystems. I would spend hours playing outside and learning about my environment. As I grew older I began to notice similar issues affecting the places I was living, urban sprawl, pollution, unsustainable farming and logging. These issues motivated me to begin my journey as an environmentalist.

I began my academic career studying international environmental policy and global health - which then led me to pursue a masters in natural resource management and sustainable development. During this time I found my passion for conservation and sustainable agriculture. I am currently working on a doctoral degree in Bio-Building, a program that is based on the understanding that everything is interconnected and interdependent on the health of our planet and environment.

I believe that if you want to see change in the world, you should do your best to be that change! Throughout my degrees, I have been blessed with the opportunity to volunteer for a handful of amazing organizations. I believe that when you actively contribute to causes you're passionate about, it sets in motion a chain of positive transformations within society. You might never see those positive changes within your lifetime, but that doesn't mean that they aren't there! Some of my favorite volunteering experiences were centered around gardening and education.

Volunteering at the Mann school garden program was so rewarding as I got to experience teaching children how to grow their own food, care for chickens and how to compost. Seeing their little faces light up with joy when they ate something they helped grow was fulfilling. Reuniting young people with where food comes from not only educates but allows them to experience the healing abilities of nature as they participate in horticultural therapy through gardening.

I also try to make as many climate friendly choices in my personal life so that I practice what I preach and set good examples for family and friends. I am so fortunate to have such a diverse farmers market that I rarely need anything besides spices or butter from the grocery store. Shopping at the farmers market allows me to support local farmers and create less waste. I also live close to where I work, so most days I am able to ride my bike! 

I do my best to be conscious of how I can make sustainable choices with every action, while still recognizing that the main causes for environmental degradation are corporation and industry over exploitation.'

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