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'My  women graduate student friends and I talk about when (or if) to have a  family, as women who want to also wear the 'saving the world cape' or  have a vibrant career. We already have two or three strikes against us  when trying to compete professionally on the global stage - being women,  being black and African. We can't also be the pregnant African postdocs  needing extra attention and accommodation in a highly competitive  environment.

I had  already lost a lot being in the US getting a PhD: my mom passed away  from complications with her chemo before I could make it to her side. I  do want a family of my own, but do not think it should be a choice over  my career... I am expecting a baby boy in September🤰🏾.  Most of us  have to pick career or motherhood. For Africans it can be very  depressing - we are very social but also bear the responsibility of care  for relatives whose very survival depends on us making it.'

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