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Hi friends! My name is Ayesha Shaikh, and I am a human rights activist pursuing law at the University of London. The right to a healthy environment is a human right, and my journey to work on climate action started when floods hit my country, Pakistan. Many people lost their lives, along with their businesses and homes. I realized that even though we all have caused damage to the climate, a very particular group of people suffered the most during these times, and I began my advocacy to save humanity. Knowing that climate anxiety is natural and the impacts of climate change have implications for a range of human rights, I gathered young people and started working on climate restoration projects with them. In a very short time, we saw great awareness in youth regarding climate change, but still, the more significant impact requires everyone to do it.

During susceptible climate change in Pakistan, I have witnessed heatwaves, floods, droughts, and glacial melting. These events have far-reaching consequences for agriculture, water resources, and public health. By focusing on climate restoration, Pakistan can mitigate the impacts of climate change, build resilience, and adapt to a changing climate.

Second, climate change threatens the country's agriculture sector, a significant economic driver. Weather extremes, pests, and diseases threaten crop productivity and food security, while climate restoration can improve water management, agricultural production, and food security.

Thirdly, climate change exacerbates water scarcity in Pakistan by melting glaciers, changing precipitation patterns, and increasing evaporation affecting the water supply for household, agricultural, and industrial use.
Climate change threatens Pakistan's biodiversity, which depends on climate restoration.

Lastly, Pakistan can reduce health risks, improve quality of life, and stabilize the ecosystem by prioritizing climate restoration.

I believe we all can contribute to saving our Earth by changing our daily habits, such as turning off lights in the daytime, not wasting water while brushing our teeth and eating vegetables because little actions can create great results.

- You can follow Ayesha's climate activism on Facebook and Twitter

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